Educational Links

This page is set-up for those Educational links that help all teacher/students in finding tutorials for those sites that are multiple subject orientated.

Maths Wiki
A site for Mathematics Teachers, a Wiki that is not password protected and allows all Maths teachers to alter or add content, looks like it could be a nomination for Best Wiki 2010.

Integrating ICT into Teaching & Learning!

acqtp_logo.gif Courtesy of the Dept of Education & Training NSW

The Interactive Whiteboard Revolution
This Ning site has a great deal of interesting information on useing and use of the Interactive Whiteboard, very good idea for teacher's who have one at their disposal in the classroom.

Verb Scaffolds
This site has some scaffolds to develop extended response answers that come from the HSC Online site courtesy of the PDHPE area of learning:Verbs

Edgalaxy - a blog for nerdy teachers
A blog that has been set up to give teachers a few lessons using Smartboards, with many other links to some gems worth looking at, and heaps of other tools for teaching, all set up by a young teacher in Victoria. Edgalaxy

issuu - A website that can store documents for you with unlimited file storage, your files where and when you need them. Explore thousands of magazine, reports and documents from around the world. Of course there is a catch, yes, it's free, but if you don't want advertising on your site then you have to pay, but heck, who cares about the ads, if most of what you want is free. A site you have to see to believe it.

Imagine it Project - A website with a large collection of video material as well as other material, a lot can be of good use for educational needs. I've had a good look at this site, and all subject areas are catered for, as well as inspirational video, and they are long tedious videos. Example below:
video platform video management video solutions free video player
Imagine it Project

Martin Levins
Martin currently teaches and is Director of Information Technology at The Armidale School in Northern NSW, Australia. Why this guy? He was a key note speaker at a conference I attended in Sydney in 2009, The IWB Conference, his address was great listening. His website holds some good information, so at least have a look.

Great for brainstorming. Not blocked for students. No need to sign up, no ads - just start a session and invite people to join via a unique URL. At the end, export your document to Word, PDF or HTML. Give it a go with your students in a computer lab (Mac or Windows of course). Courtesy of Stu Hasic #yam

Links for all Teachers:

I hope all these links, most gathered from Twitter, help teachers gain some quality information to help them in their teaching practice.
  • Improving Students’ Relationships with Teachers to Provide Essential Supports for Learning
  • Glass Half Full – a very thought provoking way of looking at a students way of thinking about learning
  • Podcast Lane – a good site full of information on how to Podcast, use 1-1 Laptops etc.

The Innovative Educator

This site is a must see for all teachers who want something extra in Literacy for the classroom, but it also has so much more of value, a must over time to take in and utilise for all it's worth.


Comparing 20th and 21st Century Educational Paradigms

A must read for all educators of the 21st Century...what else can I add! big_smiley.jpg

Information Technology


This link will take you to a forum for all Software Design teachers and students. It is a forum that is designed to help students self help one another with occasional input from the teacher. I have two very smart programming students who wanted to administer the site and answer the questions teachers and students placed there, so help is always at hand, especially if the code is Python.

100 Blogs that will make you a better Teacher

A rash statement as some would say, maybe, but read some of the Blogs, even sectioned off into faculty areas of learning, and you may change your mind if you start to look at some of the material you can use.

SDLogo.png This site allows you to zoom in on any image on the Internet, a great tool for use on the Interactive Whiteboard.

**Education in the 21st Century**

This site will apply to those who want to know more about views on learning in the 21st century. It contains material that helps combine thinking about computing and technology in today's classrooms.

Bloom's Taxonomy

Bloom's Taxonomy with links to each section...a real find thanks to Twitter, and a must for all teachers.

Aussie Educator

One word, fantastic...this site has enough information on it to take up a week or more browsing time, give it a good look over.

26 Keys to Student Engagement
A good read, maybe something in this lot for you to help foster learning in your classroom...after all, teachers never stop learning!

WEB 2.0 - Blooms Digital Taxonomy

Thanks to Phillipa Cleaves from the DER as this link is to her Wiki site housing the digital version of Blooms Taxonomy, and what a very apt tool it is considering the age we live in.

A great resource from the West Australian DET - many great ICT resources for use by teachers in the classroom.

Learn - Teach - Lead ... this site contains a lot of interesting resource material regarding digital learning etc. Well worthwhile a look.

Tips for keeping kids safe online.

An excellent read from Mark Bromley about the complexities of the Digital age and what teachers can do to help.