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Twitter and Education

A very talked about issue in ICT educational conferences and of course on Twitter and other social networking sites. These sites below can tell you a little about the value of using Twitter as a teacher.
Why Twitter is a Teachers Best ToolTweeternet30 Ways to use Twitter for Education

Twitter and Education No, not a repeat, but another case for Twitter in an educational setting: click on the image for details. tweeterLogo.jpg

If We Were Really Serious About Educational Technology
Well, are you?

This thought provoking read will certainly make the serious educator think, and dare I say, those that don't should get out and take on another job...we are after all in the 21st century...let's move FORWARD!

Digital Aristotle

This is a thoughtfully written Blog on the use of technology in education. My thoughts are it's inevitable teachers are going to belong in the Ark if they can't adapt to the new technology and utilise it in some way shape or form in the classroom, or invite the threat of rebellion from the students that education is too boring.