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ConferencesThis link will take you to any conference I have attended or copied (with permission) from other sites, which will be of use to any teacher that wants extra material for their teaching needs, fresh digital educational content.

DER - Laptops for Learning


This sections has the programs from the new notebooks our students are given explained, from written help to links that will help you understand each program that these notebooks have on them.

Educational Links for AllThese links are from the Dept of Education and other States and Countries education sites. Mainly to do with ICT in learning, they are all multiple subject based. You will find specific subject based links in Subject areas on the left panel, i.e. Mathematics Links, etc.

News ItemsThese links and items posted in this section are from educational sites that may be of interest to educationalists, often debatalbe in nature but informative as well.

Subject SpecificThese links are for subject areas, each divided into their respective faculty areas, links of educational value for the digital learners of today.

Technology LinksThese are anything to do with technology, my interest area, and often are links that many subject areas can make use of. Worthwhile all teachers looking at this page regularly as it changes from day to day.

TutorialsAny program that the DER Notebooks have on them will need to be not only explained, but also help in tutorials on some of them as well. Other programs our College has on the computers at school will also find tutorials on here for those as well.